How to disable McAfee antivirus

McAfee is a very popular antivirus program created and kept in proper maintenance by Intel security systems. It is one of the most prolifically used antivirus programs in the world. There are other players in the market that compete with McAfee but nevertheless it is superior to all other programs. It is capable of detecting; make quarantine and flushing out the virus from the computer system. Many times the user has aggravated problems of McAfee antivirus and in such situation one needs to disable McAfee antivirus. For doing so one needs to take the following steps. These are as follows:

  • At first right click on McAfee icon
  • One can find the icon in system tray
  • Find virus scan option on menu
  • Highlight “Virus scan” option
  • Click on “disable” option on the virus menu
  • Thereafter find McAfee virus scan dialogue box
  • Then click on “Yes” option

These are the steps that temporarily disable the antivirus program. In time one can also enable the antivirus program and make the work easy. For downloading files many program ask for disabling the antivirus program as it leads to safe downloading. It should be noted disabling the antivirus program can make the system vulnerable. So the users must be careful while disabling the McAfee antivirus program.

By following these steps the customer can easily disable the McAfee antivirus. One can take help of the technical support team in case of problems and inability of doing. The technical support team has ample energy in solving the problems of the customers. They have profound knowledge of the technical matters and support the customers by all means. The technical experts work all the 24*7 hours a day.


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