How to disable McAfee auto renewal

McAffe comes with a subscription service and is enrolled in the auto-renewal program. This ensures that the virus protection is smoothly functioning and is not interrupted. Without the auto-renewal program the user will be left unprotected if his license expires. One generally uses the McAfee auto renewal program because one wants to renew the programs automatically. In doing so the user may keep virus attack at bay. The auto –renewal has various kinds of policy and one needs to abide by it. The customers can also disable the auto-renewal program if they find it necessary to do so. For doing it one needs to follow the following steps:

  • First log on to
  • Then log in to your account
  • Put the mouse over “My account”
  • Select “Auto renewal settings”
  • Select “Turn off”
  • The Auto renewal settings will be turned off

If in preference the customer wants to “turn on”, the auto renewal then they can follow the same procedure and put “turn on” auto renewal. If still the customers face problems then he or she can call the McAfee customer support number +353-12548142.

The technical experts are absolutely full of knowledge and they can help the customers in all the possible ways. They work all the 24*7 hours a day and help the customers with all the technical knowledge available. Many times the customers are left baffled because they are unable to solve the technical glitches or do not have the know-how. The technical experts have the technical know-how and can solve the problems with exceptional ease. They can solve the problems within instantly and give them technical support.


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