How to download McAfee antivirus with product key?

Many times the customer feels the need of downloading McAfee, which is a security product. It has enhanced capabilities and can stop any virus or malware from affecting the system. The customer needs to follow the following steps for installing McAfee antivirus on a personal computer or Mac. These are the steps that one needs to follow:

  • Open the web browser and click on to
  • Then click on My account and click Sign in
  • Then type the email address and password
  • Type the same password made for creating the account
  • Thereafter type log in

Advice: In case the customers do not have the McAfee account click “Register Now” under the thing which says “Are you a new user”. Then the customers can follow the prompts. Then the customers can Log in when the account has been created. In case the customers want the website to remember them then he or she has to choose “Remember me”.

  • See the drop down menu
  • Select the McAfee software that needs to be installed
  • Select the device type in “drop down menu”
  • Then click “download”

One can thereafter go through the license agreement and then continue to download and install McAfee software. If one sees a serial number then one needs to make a note of it. The customers can be prompted to enter it later. The browser must not be closed because installer might ask for the serial number shown in the download page. Thereafter follow the on screen instruction to install the software.

If still the customers are having problems in downloading McAfee antivirus then they can call the technical support team +353-12548142. One can call the number and get instant help.


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