How to manage and restore quarantined files and programs

Many times the customers need to manage and update the files. The McAfee security suits for windows have a very essential program called the Virus Scan. This program basically scans and protects the user’s computer. When in the process of scanning a file or program the Virus scan at first checks if it is a potential threat to the computer system. If a substantial threat is caught then it can protect and quarantine the file. It is important to know that the quarantined items are stored in a very safe location. The virus scanning makes use of the heuristic scanning method to detect suspected behavior. One can take the following steps on how to manage the quarantined items.

For Windows Computers

  • At first open the McAfee security product
  • Then Click Navigation
  • Thereafter Click cog at the top right corner
  • Click quarantined items
  • Click trusted items
  • Open quarantined items
  • Otherwise open quarantine potentially unwanted programs
  • Thereafter select the specific items individually
  • Otherwise click select all
  • Select the action the user wants to perform

These are the steps for managing and restoring quarantined files in windows computer. The users can perform the steps carefully.

For Mac OS

  • First the McAfee icon
  • Then select “McAfee live safe internet security console”
  • Then click Mac security Quarantine
  • One can click Quarantine in case of earlier version of internet
  • Thereafter click the Padlock
  • Then type the password
  • Then click ok
  • Select the location
  • Otherwise hold down the shift key
  • Click “Select the multiple icon”
  • Select restore to get from quarantine
  • Or press delete to clear the items from the list
  • To secure click lock

Important information

It is important to know once the files are restored from quarantine recovers it and places the file in the original location. Once this is done the very same file can again be detected as a source of threat. In case of urgent need of the file the real time scanner can be disabled.

One can call the McAfee customer support team and solve the related problems. The customer support team is a third party entity working to help the customers.


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