How to renew McAfee antivirus with product key

McAfee is very well known antivirus software. It is the product of Intel securities. Worldwide there are millions and millions of people who use this antivirus. One needs to renew the McAfee antivirus for better usage. If the customers want to renew the product because of expiry he or she needs a renewal of license. One can see the pop-up message showing that his product has expired. The expired software cannot receive any kind of updates and cannot receive any kind of notification. Had the software not expired the customer may have received notification and further updating. Once the license has been renewed the customer can get messages that the license has been renewed. To stop getting messages it is advised that the McAfee anti-virus should be uninstalled and then be installed. For renewing the McAfee antivirus with product key one needs to take the following steps:

  • First visit the home page
  • Get the mouse over “My account”
  • Click sign in from the list of options
  • Type your registered e-mail address
  • Type the password
  • After that click “log in”
  • Take the mouse over “My account”
  • Then select subscription
  • Click renew for appropriate service
  • Make sure to follow the prompts
  • If requested, do type the billing details

The McAfee antivirus would be renewed with the product key at the current price if any special price is not offered. If still the customers are having problems then he or she can call the McAfee customer support number. Many times the customers are troubled and vexed and are absolutely unable to renew the license. In such times the customers can be bother free and call the customer support. The toll free number is 1-888-201-2039 the USA. It is important to note that the customer support team will charge a nominal amount and help the customers. The customer support team is not affiliated to any other team and it is absolutely a third party entity solving the problems of the customers. Therefore, they are the best in the business.


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